Ap us history essay tips

AP . History is designed to be the equivalent of a two-semester introductory college or university . history course. In AP . History students investigate significant events, individuals, developments, and processes in nine historical periods from approximately 1491 to the present. Students develop and use the same skills, practices, and methods employed by historians: analyzing primary and secondary sources; making historical comparisons; utilizing reasoning about contextualization, causation, and continuity and change over time; and developing historical arguments. The course also provides seven themes that students explore throughout the course in order to make connections among historical developments in different times and places: American and national identity; migration and settlement; politics and power; work, exchange, and technology; America in the world; geography and the environment; and culture and society.

The short answer portion of the AP exam consists of 4 questions which have to be answered in 50 minutes. This accounts for 20% of the exam score. You will be given some sort of prompt which might be a quote or a map or other primary or secondary source document . Then you will be asked to answer a multi-part question. Your first step should be to quickly think of your answer to each part of the question and write this directly in your test booklet. That will insure that you have answered the questions. Once this is done, write a topic sentence that brings all the parts of the question into focus. Finally, support your answers with general details and major highlights of the topic. However, avoid data dumping. 

Ap us history essay tips

ap us history essay tips


ap us history essay tipsap us history essay tipsap us history essay tipsap us history essay tips