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The 800-acre Paul L. Byrne Agricultural Teaching and Research Center allows students to put classroom concepts to practice. The farm benefits not only thousands of students, but farmers and ranchers benefit from the research conducted on the farm. The farm provides school tours for grade school field trips. The farm is often the site for many professional seminars, Future Farmers of America and 4-H field days. Approximately, 35 to 40 students work part time to help with farm operations. The farm has an NWS weather station which can be accessed through Western Region Climate Center.

I've been a student peer leader in the AUx2 course [on race, identity, and inclusion]. I love the class discussions because, with issues of identity and culture, the conversations can go in a wide variety of directions. AUx is a huge step in a positive direction, eventually having all first-year students required to come face-to-face and learn in a safe environment. At AU, I think people become more self-aware and more aware of people who are not like them. Students hopefully learn to step outside their own experiences and understand other points of view.

Best samples college essays

best samples college essays


best samples college essaysbest samples college essaysbest samples college essaysbest samples college essays