Canadian dissertations

In the early 20th century the major sports set up volunteer national organizations to take jurisdiction; by 1914 there were 20 governing bodies. By 1919 the Amateur Athletic Union of Canada (AAU) presided over all leadership and provided international recognition. The AAU promoted participation in the Olympics. All the governing bodies saw sport as a suitable training ground or productive citizenship, allegiance to the social order, and English Canadian nationalism. They fought againstprofessionalism through a "Canadian Parliament of Sport". However, in the 1930s the amateur leaders split bitterly over the issue of a liberalized amateur code, as ice hockey, basketball and lacrosse walked out of the AAU. By 1939, the jurisdiction of the AAU was reduced to track and field and the other individual Olympic sports. The Canadian Olympic Association broke away in 1948. [21]

Tamayo Lorenzo PA. Descentralizacion y financiacion de la asistencia sanitaria publica en Espana: un estudio desde la perspectiva de la equidad [Decentralization and financing of public health assistance in Spain: a study from the perspective of equality] [dissertation]. Madrid: Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia; 1999. Tabla , Resumen de los resultados de los estudios evaluados, en terminos de necesidad para cada comunidad autonoma [Table , Summary of the results of the evaluated studies, in terms of need for each independent community]; p. 238. Spanish.

Canadian dissertations

canadian dissertations


canadian dissertationscanadian dissertationscanadian dissertationscanadian dissertations