Does music help do homework

Brad, you really fail to realize that 99% of funding for those music programs come from fundraising alone. There’s this thing called fees that go towards helping keep program afloat. I come from a band program where the students were fully functional, in a very structured leadership system, with what they do and the band boosters were there for fund raisers, event planning and other details. Myself, holding business manager (2 years) and brass captain (3 years) I think I have an extremely clear idea of how music programs work. The other 1% of funds come from rare grant that the band program gets enough to cover 1/3 of their usual year cost. Average band program cost $50,000 a year to function. All of which comes from fundraising. If you have anymore questions please do some research and get your crap together. Thank you.

I wonder if the pleasure centers of the brain that are triggered have a deeply rooted social component. Music is a social activity. The areas of the brain
that are responding to music represent areas of the brain associated with elements of communal safety. Our tendency as a species to create hiearchical social dynamics are replicated in the technical workings of music of all types and across cultures. We perceive the constituent elements of music in a shifting matrix–and our psychological response is affected by the shifts in this matrix.
Your description of the Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody left out the sense of safety and power that comes from many working in common to a shared end.

Does music help do homework

does music help do homework


does music help do homeworkdoes music help do homeworkdoes music help do homeworkdoes music help do homework