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Helmholtz Watson – a handsome and successful Alpha-Plus lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering and a friend of Bernard. He feels unfulfilled writing endless propaganda doggerel, and the stifling conformism and philistinism of the World State make him restive. Helmholtz is ultimately exiled to the Falkland Islands —a cold asylum for disaffected Alpha-Plus non-conformists—after reading a heretical poem to his students on the virtues of solitude and helping John destroy some Deltas' rations of soma following Linda's death. Unlike Bernard, he takes his exile in his stride and comes to view it as an opportunity for inspiration in his writing.

Joshua Yarden
Becoming Moses: Part I*
Somewhere in Between
Hearing Voices: Counterpoint in the Epic of Moses
Questioning Tradition
A Band of Brothers and the Herd Mentality
Joseph: Fallen Hero Rising
Calming the Tempest of Religious Strife
Jacobs's Struggle
The Undoing of Abraham
Torah on a Mobius Strip
As this Year Goes Out
Darwin in the Garden
What Fruit Grows on the Tree of Knowledge?
Reclaining Liberty Part II: Schools & our Children
Reclaining Liberty
What Does a Dove Know?
Rendering (and Riffing on) Ecclesiastes
Marginal Lives
Frederick William Zackel
Thomas Pynchon Makes Me Giggle
God Is A Tool And A Weapon
The Devil Still Pirouettes Among Us
Gods And Penises
Tis The Season We Commence
Ratcheting Our Way Up The Evolutionary Latter
Lying In Front Of The Kids
Willie Noir and the Consequences of Sin
Epiphany At The Waterhole, Part 3
Epiphany At The Waterhole, Part 2
Mark Twain, The N Word, And Compassion
Epiphany At The Water Hole (Part 1)
Olivia Zhu
Who Can Afford to Call 911?
Surname Extinction
A Haiku Primer and Sea Slugs
Chiyo-ni, Issa, and Their Children
A Litany of Images
“Sad Steps” toward a Sedate Style
Ignatz on Road Trip
Return to a May Swenson Poem
What everyone is Getting Wrong about Predictive Policing
Johnny . Reilly, Being Free
Old King in the New World: Restraint and Art in 'Madame X'
Randolyn Zinn
An Interview with Jeffrey Renard Allen
Postcard from Spain #3 - Arcos De La Fontera Part 2
Postcard from Spain #2
Postcard from Spain
Six Dreams
Martin Moran's "All the Rage"
Ed Bilous: 21st Century Music Man
This Beautiful Book: An interview with novelist Helen Schulman
Pina: A Film By Wim Wenders
Director's Notes: Exploring Our Town
Karen Swenson's Trek Through Poetry And The Wide World
Fortune Favors The Bold
Somebody Nailed My Dress to the Wall
FASTER, TERPSICHORE, FASTER! On Frederick Wiseman’s new documentary La Danse: The Paris Opera Ballet (Zipporah Films)
Stamp Your Feet. Hard.

Dystopia essays brave new world

dystopia essays brave new world


dystopia essays brave new worlddystopia essays brave new worlddystopia essays brave new worlddystopia essays brave new world