Essay on victor playing the role of god

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            What differentiates Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein from the majority of horror novels are the very real and timeless themes it explores.  The overriding theme of the novel - scientific investigation without consideration of morality and responsibility is still an important topic in today’s world.  “Perhaps the reality of cloning and genetic engineering makes this theme more relevant today than when Frankenstein was first published”(Patterson). This theme, along with the more subtle themes of revenge, the inability to accept those who are different, and the inability to control one's destiny are all themes which separate Frankenstein from other novels in the genre.

            Victor Frankenstein had a normal, if not ideal, childhood.  His father was well respected, and he had a comfortable environment to learn in and develop.  His life began to change when he discovered a volume of works by the German physician Cornelius Agrippa.  At first this mild curiosity exploded into a genuine interest and he began to read works from other authors Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus - scientists ...

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...ory into an unlikely tragedy, and one that continues to be forever etched in our minds.

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A final cost of coercive force is the threat of backlash . People do not like to be forced to do things against their will; they like even less (quite an understatement) to be forced to do so through violence. So even after a conflict is over, if the victims of aggression do not feel that justice has been done, they are likely to try to build up their power to "get even" at the first available opportunity. For this reason the victor must maintain a high level of credible threat, just to maintain the status quo, and not be attacked themselves.

Essay on victor playing the role of god

essay on victor playing the role of god


essay on victor playing the role of godessay on victor playing the role of godessay on victor playing the role of godessay on victor playing the role of god