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INDELIBLE IMAGE : Surely it must be one of the many tender moments when the Marquis holds a heart-to-heart talk with his own member (named Colin), although there are so many of these dialogues that we will need to narrow down our search further. We’ll select the moment when Colin, lacerated from having pleasured himself inside a crack in the stone prison wall, stares weakly at the Marquis while wearing a little bloody bandage wrapped around his head like a nightcap, begging the writer to tell him a story so he can recover enough  strength to fornicate with a cow.

It is the favorite Cronenberg film of Korean director Chan-wook Park [13] and was voted for in the 2002 Sight & Sound poll by Lalitha Gopalan. [14] In 1999, Rolling Stone listed Dead Ringers as 95th on their list of "100 Maverick Movies". [15] Total Film placed Dead Ringers 35th on their list of the "50 Greatest Horror Movies of All Time" [16] while Entertainment Weekly placed it 20th on their list of "The 25 scariest movies of all time". [17] It was named one of "The Top 10 'True-Story' Horror Movies of All-time!" by Bloody Disgusting . [18]

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