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Several political commentators have seen that Frankfurt's concept of bullshit provides insights into political campaigns. [9] Gerald Cohen , in "Deeper into Bullshit", contrasted the kind of "bullshit" Frankfurt describes with a different sort: nonsense discourse presented as sense. Cohen points out that this sort of bullshit can be produced either accidentally or deliberately. While some writers do deliberately produce bullshit, a person can also aim at sense and produce nonsense by mistake; or a person deceived by a piece of bullshit can repeat it innocently, without intent to deceive others. [10]

SCP-1361 remains in this state until its mass drops below 50 kg, either due to being consumed, due to pieces of it being removed, or due to loss of mass from not eating. Testing has indicated that the ability to digest a subject after being consumed is not limited to the periods when SCP-1361 is emitting the scent described above and that it persists after being cooked. The scent given off when SCP-1361 is cooked has been described as more pleasant than its uncooked scent; D-class personnel exposed to it have engaged in irrational behavior and physical violence in an attempt to gain access to samples of cooked SCP-1361.

Expletive essays

expletive essays


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