Food service research paper

Good cafeteria management companies will have a "customer excellence" philosophy that starts with their senior management team and sets the standard for all their employees. Customer sensitivity training should occur on a regular basis. A corporate cafeteria services vendor that values good customer service will make this a vital part of their corporate mission, and how well an employee executes these principles becomes an integral part of the Employee Review process. When customer service is measured and is part of an employee's development plan, service tends to be performed at higher levels. Investments in training programs are expensive, yet the results show up in client satisfaction surveys and food service contract renewals.

Agriculture is a major industry in the United States, with California accounting for over 12% of the . agriculture cash receipts. [50] Over half of agricultural workers in California, contributing to the state's agriculture economy and providing the nation with over half of all fruits and vegetables, are undocumented. [51] Despite undocumented laborers contributing to the agriculture industry, farm work and labor is among one of the lowest paid occupations in the . [52] Many undocumented communities suffer from food insecurity due to low wages, forcing families to purchase economically viable unhealthy food. [53] Though existing food pantry and food stamp programs aid in reducing the amount of food insecure individuals, undocumented immigrants are ineligible for social service programs and studies have found that limited English acts as a barrier to food stamp program participation. [54] Due to a lack of education, encounters with government agents, language barriers, undocumented individuals pose higher rates of food insecurity and hunger when compared to legal citizens. The Trump administration is attempting to draft new stricter immigration policies ; [55] undocumented individuals who fear being deported under the new policies, limit their interactions with government agencies, social service programs (., food stamps ), increasing their susceptibility to food insecurity. [54]

Food service research paper

food service research paper


food service research paperfood service research paperfood service research paperfood service research paper