Hillary clinton graduate thesis

I personally contacted Lynn Sweet, who wrote the 1993 article and she is still working for the Sun Times and now their chief correspondent in Washington DC. I spoke with her twice on the phone and questioned her about her sources on the article. Unfortunately, too much time has passed and she can no longer remember how she determined that Dorothy Rodham arrived "early", or even what exactly "early" means. Ms. Sweet did not interview Hillary or her mother for the article but she does (vaguely) remember reading the 12 hour labor info from some sort of document, which she remembered as the birth document. But again, she can provide no notes of how she came up with this data and we are not likely to get any more info on this in the future (although she said that she would call me if she could remember anything else). [end of Stuckey email] A scan of the Chicago Sun Times article can be seen here .

Now, I have severe reservations about many of candidate Trump’s positions, but no, she wasn’t ready. In the first place, if she had ideas to offer, why did she need to wait for a journalist to open the discussion? Second, when she did itemize her plans for reviving the economy for Amanpour, they were practically content free. We must invest in “comprehensive job training and education.” It cannot be done through “massive tax cuts for people like me.” “We need a strategy,” she proclaimed, but, then, she didn’t say what that would entail. Sometimes she simply mouthed Barack Obama’s old talking points. We needed to invest in “wind and solar” — the “Chinese are eating our lunch in the solar market” because “they are investing in the jobs of the future.”

Jerry Seper, Washington Times, 2000 - The Arkansas Supreme Court, which is considering disbarment proceedings against President Clinton, yesterday said it also is investigating whether first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in fraud in a questionable Whitewater-related land deal. The probe, confirmed by the court's Committee of Professional Conduct, has focused on accusations about Mrs. Clinton's legal representation of a failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association real estate venture, which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. called a "sham." A major area of concern is an option agreement that facilitated a $300,000 payment to Seth Ward, father-in-law of Mrs. Clinton's law partner, Webster L. Hubbell. The option, written by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Hubbell while they were at Little Rock's Rose Law Firm, guaranteed Mr. Ward a payoff and negated his liability in the project.

Hillary clinton graduate thesis

hillary clinton graduate thesis


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