Phd thesis working capital management

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If you feel out of your depth, why not discuss it with your supervisor or someone in an advisory position. Are you really not up to the task? Really not enjoying it? Or are you just lacking in self-confidence and actually suffering from impostor syndrome? It is probably just a temporary period of uncertainty and loss of motivation. A doctorate is a trying period of time and doubt will come in the play often. Be aware of your own self-confidence levels and learn to recognise when your self-belief goes down so you can address it. Boost your confidence by seeking positive feedback (presenting your research at a conference can seem difficult but discussing your research with others in the same field is really rewarding); trying new things or go on training courses; remind yourself what you are good at. The Thesis Whisperer is a useful blog that helps PhD students throughout their studies. It talks about all sorts of topics including motivation and self-sabotage. It also organises helpful writing workshops via social media.

Phd thesis working capital management

phd thesis working capital management


phd thesis working capital managementphd thesis working capital managementphd thesis working capital managementphd thesis working capital management