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Senate Activities:
On Divorce law, Child Custody and Child Support: Senator Cools has always worked for families and children. She was instrumental in the creation of the Special Senate-House of Commons Joint Committee on child custody and access after divorce .  This Joint Committee’s 1998 report For the Sake of the Children recommended shared parenting.  The Joint Committee Report held that after divorce, children should have continuing relationships with both parents, both mothers and fathers.  Senator Cools has long upheld the importance of fathers’ meaningful involvement in their children’s lives.

The kidnappings by the FLQ set off a series of events that became known as the October Crisis. These kidnappings appeared to renew nationalistic sentiments in Quebec as FLQ sympathizers became increasingly disruptive following the abductions. Demonstrations were sporadic at first but swiftly intensified following the kidnapping of Pierre Laporte. On the morning of October 15, 1970, students at UQAM adopted resolutions supportive of the FLQ and occupied two university buildings. Citing the intensity of the demonstrations and a fear that the FLQ is indeed reflecting the views of more than a few isolated individuals, the Quebec government led by Premier Robert Bourassa informed the federal government that military assistance was needed to support the Quebec provincial police [5] . This was permitted under the National Defence Act under the terms of “Aid to Civil Authorities” and the Canadian Armed Forces was brought into Quebec to assist the overstretched local police forces [6] . By evening, 3000 people consisting mostly of students and youth had gathered at Paul Sauvé Arena in Montreal to demonstrate their boisterous support for the FLQ. In creating this climate of unrest, it proved to be ill advised as it triggered an unexpected and seemingly harsh response from Canada’s Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. At the request of the Quebec provincial government, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared a state of “apprehended insurrection” and enacted the War Measures Act in attempting to resolve the concerns posed by the FLQ. The War Measures Act gave emergency powers to the federal cabinet and allowed them to govern by decree when it declared the existence of “war”, “insurrection” or “apprehended insurrection”. Having only been previously invoked twice in Canadian history, both of which were during the First and Second World War respectively, Trudeau’s decision was met by support and skepticism alike. Some felt wary of the decision as they felt that it was an unwarranted attack towards civil liberties. However, the majority of Canada’s French speaking population did not support the terrorist tactics that the FLQ employed in seeking independence for Quebec. In fact, according to a Gallup Poll published on December 12th, 1970, 86% of French speaking Canadians approved the federal government’s decision to adopt the War Measures Act regulations [7] .

Pierre trudeau thesis

pierre trudeau thesis


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