Term paper estrogen

Almost all plastics, especially when plastics become hot or are heated.   Studies have also shown that recycled plastics contain residues from their previous contents like dangerous herbicides, pesticides, poisons and chemical solvents. Don't buy food that is stored or packaged in plastics, your risking that the plastic is not harmful, but in a body that is biologically active and which these chemicals accumulate even very small doses over time are harmful. A solution would be to transfer anything bought in plastic to something more stable, like a glass container.

In some countries, phytoestrogenic plants have been used for centuries in the treatment of menstrual and menopausal problems, as well as for fertility problems. [54] Plants used that have been shown to contain phytoestrogens include Pueraria mirifica , [55] and its close relative, kudzu , [56] Angelica , [57] fennel and anise . [32] In a rigorous study, the use of one such source of phytoestrogen, red clover , has been shown to be safe, but ineffective in relieving menopausal symptoms [58] ( black cohosh is also used for menopausal symptoms, but does not contain phytoestrogens. [59] ) Panax Ginseng contains phytoestrogens and has been used for menopausal symptoms . [ citation needed ]

Term paper estrogen

term paper estrogen


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