Toefl pbt sample essay

It is more likely that a young couple will have the support of friends and family in the city than in a rural area. When a young couple moves away from this support system, they often feel isolated. On the other hand, small communities are usually close and friendly. It doesn't take long to meet new friends in a small town. People look out for each other and the crime rate is much lower. Even still, you can never replace your best friends and relatives. Consequently, birthdays and holidays feel lonely without grandparents and childhood friends to join in the celebration.

First of all, a thesis statement : we want this to be immediate and direct. By immediate, I mean that it should show up within the first few sentences of your essay. Here, the author does this: right away, she writes “I definitely agree that modern life is easier than life in the past.” Remember, we don’t have to be terribly nuanced about this. Sure, you can argue that it’s easier in some ways and harder in others—but you’ll have an easier time just taking one position and sticking to it, as you don’t have a huge amount of time to write this essay! It might be a prettier essay if this author eased into the subject by providing an example or a quote to start with, but this works pretty well in the introduction.

Toefl pbt sample essay

toefl pbt sample essay


toefl pbt sample essaytoefl pbt sample essaytoefl pbt sample essaytoefl pbt sample essay