What makes a competition unfair essay

  • Lack of evidence of client commitment to a quality outcome,
  • Lack of a clear brief,
  • Contradictory aims and objectives,
  • Lack of viability; projects may promise more than anyone believes they can realistically deliver,
  • No evidence of understanding the nature of the site,
  • Adequate context analysis, but no evidence of it informing the design,
  • Projects which appear mean, pinching or obstructive in their approach to the public realm,
  • Lack of clarity about what is private and what is public,
  • Projects where it is hard to work out from the drawings what is actually proposed: confusion on paper is likely to correspond to confusion in reality,
  • No effort to give clear and realistic illustrations of what the projects will look like • No effort to illustrate the project in context, and
  • No effort to show an approach to landscape design where this is important.

Thus, geographical latitude acting independently of institutions is an important geographic factor affecting power, prosperity, and poverty. The other important geographic factor is whether an area is accessible to ocean-going ships because it lies either on the sea coast or on a navigable river. It costs roughly seven times more to ship a ton of cargo by land than by sea. That puts landlocked countries at an economic disadvantage, and helps explain why landlocked Bolivia and semilandlocked Paraguay are the poorest countries of South America. It also helps explain why Africa, with no river navigable to the sea for hundreds of miles except the Nile, and with fifteen landlocked nations, is the poorest continent. Eleven of those fifteen landlocked African nations have average incomes of $600 or less; only two countries outside Africa (Afghanistan and Nepal, both also landlocked) are as poor.

What makes a competition unfair essay

what makes a competition unfair essay


what makes a competition unfair essaywhat makes a competition unfair essaywhat makes a competition unfair essaywhat makes a competition unfair essay