Wrinkle in time essay topic

On another planet, Ixchel, Meg is healed by a giant, tentacled beast called Aunt Beast . Aunt Beast shows her the meaning of true love and soon gives her the strength to offer her self to save Charles Wallace. Alone and back on Camazotz, Meg confronts IT face to face, and, using the only power that IT does not have - love - is finally able to defeat it. IT only wields the power of hate, and almost overtakes her, but Meg's love for her brother is stronger than the hate of IT. As she and the rescued Charles Wallace embrace, they are tessered back to earth where they are reunited with their family.

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Wrinkle in time essay topic

wrinkle in time essay topic


wrinkle in time essay topicwrinkle in time essay topicwrinkle in time essay topicwrinkle in time essay topic